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China's Natural Barriers

            During ancient times, the only barriers the Chinese had were the natural barriers such as the Hymalayas to the southwest, the Taklamakan Desert to the west, the China Sea to the southeast, and the Yellow Sea to the northeast.  To the north was a huge open steppe, or grassy plain, that left invaders an open area to attack and destroy.

           The Hymalayas acted as a barrier by giving invaders less of a chance of attacking because of rocky cliffs and steep mountain sides.  The Taklamakan Desert made enemies forfeit the walk and they thought that they would starve. 

           The two sea's, Yellow and China, gave enemies a challenge of finding a way to cross it.   Building boats was difficult, so they had no way of crossing the Seas.   The enemies tried many times to attack from the west through the open steppe; many times they succeeded but also many times they failed.    


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